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Vest Exteriors, Inc offers a proven track record of creative, quality landscape design. Homeowners who have followed our design/build approach find it not only produces a better landscape environment, but often saves them money.


Our designers are constantly challenged to find something wonderful, new and different in their designs. Based on the rave reviews that Vest Exteriors, Inc designs receive, we are convinced they are more than meeting the challenge. Our emphasis is on constant quality, but we also appreciate the colorful twist and turns that go along with creating a beautiful environment.


Our designers work with our clients from start to finish. This means our designers will work with you from the initial design to the completion of the project. They are on site to insure your landscape is completed properly. Through the industries most advanced designs, finest quality and most efficient service, Vest Exteriors, Inc provides the ultimate value in professional landscaping. Our company strives to deliver true value for our clients investment.


Some of our landscaping services include:

  • Landscape Installation 

Flowers, sod, trees & shrubs, groundcover, mulch, grading & topsoil, and much more!

  • Landscape Maintenance

Current or new customer landscape maintenance

  • Landscape Lighting Installation

For lighting paths, driveways, trees, and many other landscape features



Vest Exteriors, Inc designs many different types of hardscape. Definition is sometimes clearer or easier when describing what something is not rather than what it is. Landscape construction or hardscapes, as some refer to it, is everything in the landscape that is NOT planting. It is not alive. It does not grow. With minor exception it does not change its form after the job's completion. What you see is usually what you get - as opposed to the diversely fluid life span of the planted garden.


HardscapeLandscape construction certainly defines outdoor space in the same way that planting beautifies outdoor space. Successful construction design and implementation has the ability to delineate space in a way that brings continuity and flow between the house and garden. It fortifies the functionality of the garden, pulling the user out as a participant rather than a mere observer. Its results are usually very immediate and in most cases permanent. It allows landscape to become architecture.


Vest Exteriors, Inc uses many specialty components of construction to bring life and diversity to the garden. 

Some of our hardscape services include:

  • Water Feature Installation 

Waterfalls, fountains & ponds

  • Hardscape Design and Installation

Natural Stone Pathways, Flagstone Patios, Pavers, Arbors, Decking, & Retaining Walls -Dry stacked (mortar-less) or Segmental


Drainage Systems

If you’re dealing with improper drainage around your property and are unsure of where to turn, you’ve come to the right place. Vest Exteriors, Inc provides the Central Arkansas area with full service drainage solutions that last and can even add beauty to your landscape.  Our drainage systems are installed only by experienced professionals and are created to keep your home and yard safe from excess water damage.

DrainageDrainage solutions offered:

  • French drains
  • Catch basins
  • Area drains
  • Gutter drainage
  • Berms
  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Dry creek beds - Created using natural stone and river rock


Whether you’re looking to renovate your entire yard, or you just want to install landscape lights or a water feature to add interest, Vest Exteriors, Inc can do the job with an unrivaled attention to detail.  Protect your investments—call Vest Exteriors, Inc at (501) 230-4953!


Customer Testimonials


"There is absolutely no way I could have imagined my lawn could have looked like this!  Thanks so much to Toby for stepping in and seeing beauty when I saw a lost cause."

- Robert Kennedy

Searcy, AR

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